We are a Firm built for the modern technology company. We help clients keep their  usiness protected and grow confidently, by providing high- quality legal services designed to serve today’s fast-growing tech companies. We operate exactly like an experienced in-house counsel should, We ensure our clients remain proactively aware of the laws required to grow, scale, and disrupt with complete confidence. We let you play the offence by taking care of the defence. 

Our Promise

Is to give tech companies an efficient and effective way to solve their legal concerns;

Highest quality solutions with user-friendly application and affordable choices;

Our Goal

To entirely eliminate the need to build in-house legal teams;
To bring a technology based superior client experience.

Our credibility: comes from being experts in our field;
Communication well-researched, with deep mind application without compromising accuracy;

Engagement with stakeholders is based on professionalism;

We respect your time, therefore our messaging is concise and easy to understand.
Keeping clients informed about common legal issues in their market.
Detailed, thorough and relentless in our quest to offer actionable solutions.

Simple, jargon free communication accessible and inclusive.
Our strength lies in anticipating related issues a business may have.

Our Focus

We retain a client centric approach, through:

– Legal and business solutions make your business augment and grow;

– Making your choices informed in navigating market challenges;

– Legal as valuable piece in better decision making.

86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience.

Customer satisfaction 86%
Price Product 14%

Our Approach

– Crystalising an accurate problem statement for each mandate;

– Deploying relevant team to deliver through legal research, analysis, application, market indicators and specific business challenge.

– QA is maintained through differential analysis and careful review at multiple points.

We operate on a combination of dedicated people and technology advancement to bring the cutting edge and accurate legal solutions to businesses and professionals.


Shraddha Ray Menon


Shraddha, is skilled at negotiations and strategy. She has over two decades of experience spanning across Law Firms, in-house and independent practice. Over the decade her practice has revolved around giving businesses structuring advice, negotiating funding against equity transactions, directed acquisitions through due diligence to closing, developed restructuring models. She also advices on risk mitigation and corporate governance and enables regulatory/ compliance implementation tools.

Enrolled with Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa.

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Shruti Agarwal


Shruti is a Political Science, Law graduate from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi, and Masters in Law from University of Cambridge. Academically acclaimed, she is a British Chevening Scholar and Inner Temple Pegasus Scholar.

Practicing across the hierarchy of courts (in Kolkata and Delhi) since 2013 and qualified Advocate-on-Record at the Supreme Court of India, Shruti is skilled at both, trial and appellate litigation. She holds a first principles approach to law, justice, and problem solving and seeks new knowledge, always. Conflict mitigation and resolution are her areas of specific expertise and interest.

Outside of Law, Shruti engrosses in – reading on varied subjects, feels deeply for the environment and women’s rights.

Ritwik Tandon


Ritwik is a law graduate from the Symbiosis International University.

With significant deep research skills, Ritwik contributes to drafting and specialised research on contentious/ litigation matters. On the corporate side he advises on company law, contracts and taxation.

He advises on Government Contracts, Bid and Tenders under rolling stock. A detail oriented lawyer, with proficiency in all classes of vendor contracts in various sectors. Specifically inclined in technology, Ritwik also advices on FoodTech and technology contract.

Outside of law, he plays soccer and was team captain in college. In his spare time, he bakes for family and friends.

He is enrolled with Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh.

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Srishti Sharma


Srishti is a law graduate from the Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad.

A rank holder at overall 7 th position amongst 123 students. Srishti has been an avid mooter and was a part of the client counselling panel to represent in inter-college representations.

She advices businesses in competition and corporate laws. Srishti possesses an eye for detail and has significant drafting skills. She enjoys research and writing papers on issues surrounding corporate advisory matters.You can read her writings here. Fond of creative writing, outside of law Srishti is a swimmer and paints to de-stress.

She is enrolled with Bar Council of Madhya Pradesh.

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Naman Sankhla


Naman is a law graduate from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore.
He has advised on debt restructuring and mergers and acquisition, oppression &
mismanagement, commercial contracts and related Company Law matters. He has argued
before the National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai. Prior to joining the Firm, Naman has
worked with a Mumbai based Corporate law firm and Company Secretary firms for more
than 3 years.
Outside of law, he writes fiction and poems and performs storytelling and poetry at open mic
shows .
He also plays cricket and is an avid long distance cyclist.
He is enrolled with the Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa.

Swapneil B. Akut

Consultant Capital Markets and SEBI advisory

Swapneil has significant experience in advising fund managers, sponsors, trustees and investment banks on AIFs, Category I venture capital funds, Real Estate Category II and open and closed Category III AIFs, Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs). He is is part of the advisory committee constituted by India’s securities-market regulator (SEBI) for the development of the regulatory framework on InvITs and REITs Swapneil, in the past has been a Principal Associate for the Capital Markets and Security Laws practice, currently Swapneil acts as specialist consultant on Capital Market transactions. Swapniel has also worked on Forensic Investigation team with EY India in earlier years.

Enrolled with Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa in 2014.

Vishal Guptaa


A seasoned business strategist with years of experience in restructuring businesses and debt. Experienced in working with the Start Up ecosystem on all business, labour and operational issues. Vishal has advised the Bihar Government in implementing the Public-private project on knowledge sharing engine for Chief Minister’s development program.


We work with a team of associates, paralegals and interns. The team size is determined based on project specific requirements.

Interns and Para Legals

We have interns and para legals assisting with research, white papers, regular updates, due diligence and documentation.

Most vitally, they bring their new age perspective which act as valuable sounding boards with creative solutions to various issues.

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